A brutally honest look at a career the Recession made

At first the web stuff was just writing — writing that went into web pages. I would sometimes create a spreadsheet to track where the text would go. Which page was it on? Was it a headline or body copy…

The Canary Island Palm. The London Plane. The Brisbane Box. Notice a pattern? Obviously, they’re three of the most common trees in San Francisco.

This Canary Island palm is reminiscing about tropical breezes, just like I am.

You’ve probably admired a Canary Island Palm by the Ferry Building, along the Dolores Street median, or hilariously decorated in red bows on the nicer stretches…

I’ve been doing a lot of math in my free time. I originally posted this on Facebook and encouraged family and friends to read it who told me they hated math, or who had ever said “ew” when they asked about my weekend homework plans.

I’ve given many reasons over…

Explaining something to someone else can help you understand it better. Think of your audience, and start designing for them early on. Your own thinking will benefit the most.

When you create a document, you build a set of…

Thea Boodhoo

Nature, science and the technology industry

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